"I... I.... Please, stop asking..."
Tsukasa Kurogane, in Persona: Pulling the Strings

Tsukasa Kurogane is a major character in the series.

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A very quiet and reserved girl who seems to be very aloof to others. She has a real problem connecting to people, and has trouble trusting anyone. Tsukasa is unnerved by most people, usually running away if approached and avoiding crowded places. She feels more comfortable within books, reading about lives that aren't her own. She has multiple scenarios of how conversations will go and usually freaks out if the worst choice scenario happens. If anything, she would rather talk to people online and write her own stories. She's pretty intelligent, but runs into trouble if under pressure and cracks if pressured too much. Tsukasa has a lot of issues trusting others and herself, stemming from her past that she keeps to herself. It takes her a while to open up to others, though.

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