The series is a spin-off series of the Persona series which began with the release of Pulling the Strings. There is currently one main title in the series, with two more being planned after it. All three role-plays take place in the same universe and share common elements as well as using elements from the Persona series itself.

List of Role-plays Edit

This is a list of the role-plays involved in this series. They are in chronological order by year, as follows:

Pulling the Strings (abbreviated as PtS or simply PS); the official restart to the series. This RP is created by Valentine Valtieri and Madame_Ruelleyn. Teddyursaa and Rei the Wannabe Ninja are the moderators for this RP. The events in this RP take place in 2017-2018. The roleplay has finally returned as of March 2016.