"All fun and no games, huh? Sounds boring."
Rene Deridera, in Pulling the Strings

Rene Deridera is a major character in the series.

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Rene is a snarky teenager who always hides behind a mask of smiles. He's more intelligent than he lets on, and is very perceptive to the world around him. He is friendly and outgoing, and always enjoys having fun. If anything, Rene seems to never take things seriously and is always there to lighten the mood or give encouragement. The sad thing is that Rene suffers from a constant state of PTSD, due to being traumatized in the past. He is highly paranoid of those around him and doesn't really trust anyone, keeping anyone he knows or is close to at arm's length. A part of him wishes that what had happened to him never did, but he feels as if it's manipulating and keeps everything about himself a secret.. including the fact that he's always feeling worthless and doubts himself a lot.

Rene's lack of trust around people makes it difficult for him to show any sort of emotion around them that they haven't seen before. This has had him hiding in bathrooms to cry, depending on himself for everything. Despite this, once he comes around he'll be a joy to befriend. Rene just needs some TLC.

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