"My mission is to eliminate/suppress shadow activity as it appears."
Moirarchos, in Pulling the Strings

Moirarchos is major character in the series.

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Moira’s bizarre programming and strange history has granted her a number of unusual and conflicting personality traits. She follows orders from anyone she deems a well-meaning source, but frequently misinterprets them due to some processing error or one line of code from one program interfering with another from a different program. Her social programming is glitchy at best, and can cause her to freeze and force a reboot, which looks from the outside like several second periods of ‘spacing out’ or in more extreme cases, narcolepsy. This being said, Moira’s programing is constantly attempting to improve internally, and these blackouts have become less frequent as she continues to socialize. Her battle programming is far more efficient, and she becomes pragmatic and by-the-books during a fight.

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Moirarchos is an Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon developed by an American branch of the Kirijo Group using largely the same processes as the Japanese models. Her programming was constantly tweaked by researchers to test the effectiveness of new parameters, tactics and personality traits. Following the Shadow Incident in Japan, the branch took an enormous financial hit, and Moira was re-purposed from an experimental platform to a battle unit, transported around to deal with what little Shadow-related activity took place in the United States.

A group of black market dealers got wise to the weapon’s existence and staged an incident that Moira was sent out to investigate. She was stolen and sold to a private military group who used her in an attempt to replicate Kirijo technology for war purposes. Eventually, she was recovered, but had underwent extensive hacking and reprogramming. It appeared that she would have to be wiped and rebuilt from scratch. This was delayed long enough, thankfully, that someone noticed sparks of truly human personality in her activities. It was deemed ‘immoral’ to reprogram her at this point, and the hope was that she could become as successful as the more famous Japanese models.

Due to strange reports from Inochikage City, Japan, Moira was deployed to the city’s most prestigious academy, Gakushoku. Her extra (detachable) arms were brought with her, but her weapons were not. This mission was meant to be a low-risk investigation, with Moira providing long-term monitoring of the city’s activity. Its other purpose was to expose Moira to human interaction, which would help to fix her programming and develop her Persona. Moira’s cover story is that she is an American transfer student here on a two-year extended stay due to her family’s business commitments. She has just begun her second year at Gakushoku, and has neither made any lasting friends nor encountered any Shadows.

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