"Ah haaaah...I need a drink."
Misaki Kamjiou, in Pulling the Strings

Misaki Kamijou is a major character in the series.

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Misaki carries herself humbly, and tries not to stand out among the crowd. Her entire life, she's been rather average and well behaved. She takes all her work seriously at home, school or work. She's ambitious always wanting to do well but never thinking she could be someone worth nothing. Just another extra in the background and didn't mind hanging in the shadows of other people. She's realistic and doesn't expect more than what her life has already given her. Since joining the force, she was partnered with Yuuki Himura and her boring existence was quickly turned on it's head. As eccentric as Yuuki is, she found herself capable of serving as his rock. Leveling him out and defusing intense situations. She's quick on her feet and surprisingly patient when it comes to her boss. That doesn't mean she won't scold and set him straight from time to time.

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