Kage no shō is a major setting in Pulling the Strings.

Description Edit

Founded by Chikara Kuragari, Kage no shō quickly became a popular pinnacle of entertainment for tourists and citizens alike. The Circus not only houses performers of the acrobatic arts, but they also house thespians, and actors from all over the globe. While by day they send their actors and thespians to perform plays for the public, by night it becomes a world of magic and mischief. Kage no shō is widely known for it's "Doppelganger" routine, where the ringleader; Kigaru Kishoku asks a volunteer from the audience to join him on stage. His alluring magic brings forth a shadow, and almost immediately it almost seems as if you're staring into a mirror. But wait, it's not mimicking your movements. Kishoku actually procure a live doppelganger.

Many skeptics tried to find ways to explain the trick. What did he do to create such a miracle? What kind of smoke and mirrors trick was this? Or is it really...?

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