Gakushoku Academy is a major location in Pulling the Strings.

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Considered to be the crowning jewel among gems in Inochikage, Gakushoku Academy is located right at the center of the city. The establishment was founded not long after the founding and construction of the city itself, by the Kuragari family. As old as the school is, it regularly receives large donations from wealthy sponsors, keeping the school in pristine condition and organizing an elite staff to educate and guide the youth towards the path to success. Being the city's finest institution of education, many aspire to be accepted into the school hoping to secure a successful future after graduation. The majority of students are alumni, however there is a program that allows the selection of several other students to attend via several examinations. Passing this examination allows said student to attend the academy on a scholarship.

Chikara Kuragari, along with Aina Tomika are two individuals who graduated from the academy, and are honorary members among the staff. Aina Tomika has been given authority among a majority of the staff, second to the headmistress Munashi Kuragari. Tomika-sensei is dorm mother to all the students and serves as an advisor to the Library committee. She is versatile and is able to fill in most spots for any and all teachers and is respected and trusted among most of the staff and students.

The school itself holds a reputation of offering the best of education to the adolescents of Inochikage. However in the shadows and hidden from watchful eyes, a blemishing word of gossip that many have turned a blind eye to. The school was said to harbor the entities of shadows. Many have found themselves seeing visions of doppelgangers. There was a legend that if you come to the school after dark you'll face your doppelganger and disappear.

Are these just a legend? A rumor? Something the seniors cooked up to scare the underclassmen? Well...there's only one way to find out.

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