"I hate everyone. They're all... Stupid!"
Erica Reid, in Pulling the Strings

Erica Reid is a major character in the series.

Personality Edit

Possibly the most two-faced girl in existence. Before the accident, however, she was eager to be a doctor as to save lives and whatnot but after the accident she started hating everyone for taking her parents from her and her sister. She will lie to your face and pretend she's your friend while planning your imminent end. Erica will even use people for her own gain and discard them, as she literally hates everyone and doesn't even think of them as people. In fact, it's safe to say she's already badmouthed anyone she knows in her head multiple times. Her phone contact list is full of insults, and she's really good at keeping up the popular sweetheart facade. Which means being nice to everyone's faces and being happy even when she wants the world to burn to the ground.

Her personality changes around animals and her sister. She loves animals and will risk her life to save them as they did nothing bad, abiding by the knowledge that it's the owner and not the animal. She'll even feed stray animals that look hungry. Her sister, Annie, is what is known as a cinnamon roll and Erica will protect her as needed. In fact, be prepared for a metal fist to your face if you break Annie's heart, make her cry, bully her or anything else.

Pulling the Strings Edit

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