"Entertain me."
Chihiro Himura, in Pulling the Strings

Chihiro Himura is a major character in the series.

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Blessed with a breezy, carefree attitude to match his signature devil may care smile, Hiro takes life at his own pace letting his two siblings sweat over the finer details. He seeks constant thrills and entertainment, usually dragging his sibling in tow while avoiding the more practical aspects of life. His siblings are his world, without them he has no limiter, no morals. He would do ANYTHING for them if necessary and all with a cheerful smile plastered across his face. While he is usually very calm, collected, and a tad bit mischievous, if something were to happen to his siblings his true nature would show through, and he would become a manipulative, vengeful demon with the sole goal of destroying the one who threaten his "world".

Despite his natural born leader qualities, he tends to abuse them for his own whims. He tends to purposely laze around and instead uses his energy to manipulate people into doing his dirty work for him while he pulls the strings from behind. Akin to a cat that plays with a mouse, he tends to have special 'toys' he likes to mess with and pick on that he holds a particular interest in.

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From a young age, Hiro and his siblings have been moving place to place after experiencing an abusive and neglectful home after his father left his mother. The lack of a constant home really left their mark on the young boy and this resulted in him developing some deep seeded trust issues, as well as becoming extremely attached to his siblings. He has an especially close relationship with his twin sister, Ichigo, after a the two of them were kidnapped. They both made it out alive, even though Hiro still holds physical scars from the incident.

After the kidnapping, Hiro noticed a change in his sister's attitude. While not completely sure what brought about this change, Hiro had his suspicions; and while not exactly sure how to help her exactly, he supported her in her endeavors. He also started purposely getting into trouble so she could come to his rescue. She become his knight and him the damsel. He happily accepted this role.

When his older brother, Yuuki, became old enough to become their legal guardian, the three of them were able to find the stability they had been searching for. Now that he is older and is a senior in high school, he has still kept his easy going, childish personality, and still happily lives with his family not worrying too much about what will come next. He's here to have fun.

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