"Let me see you smile."
Aina Tomika, in Pulling the Strings

Aina Tomika is a major character in the series.

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Aina has always been a bundle of energy, ever since she was born she's always been up and ready to do something. When she was a student this energy was put into her friendliness and her ability to create a comfortable vibe that just attracted many people. She was just a bouncy young girl who was always smiling and had you smiling with her. She loves trying new things, and loves learning, always believing in trying something at least once. As she grew older this energy remains however she puts it all into her work. As dorm mother of the academy, she's committed to always keeping her hands busy. She'll always find something to do, whether it be cooking, cleaning, or studying. Sometimes when she isn't working at the dorm house, she'll cook a meal for the teachers at their on campus home, and feed the stray cats on campus grounds. She carries herself around the children as a nurturing and mature parental figure and try to instill good qualities to the students. When she is with Chikara, a childhood friend of hers, she is like she was when she was young. Bubbling with eagerness and ready to just spend time with him. She treats everyone equally but she gives a bit of extra care for Chikara since she's always known him to be sensitive and frazzled, especially when she was around.

Despite being so chipper, she doesn't like it when others bring up her illness. Whenever it's brought up, she is physically agitated and refuses to talk of it. She hates being pitied, and has been known to throw a fit when others insist on talking about it. She will immediately change and dance around the subject to keep from losing her cool. Because of this she keeps her illness a secret from everyone, and the only one to know about it are a handful of people. She tries not to let the students know about it for fear they would fuss over her and treat her differently.

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